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Hello Welcome to our little piece of paradise, we look forward to showing you the wonders of this magical country.Weather you come for the day or 10 we will make your experience with us a memorable one.From me travis,bryan,lyndie and my wife Mercedes we hope to see you soon.


Hello my name is Travis and Im your host and creator of this fantasy resort. I first came to Costa Rica in 1994 from California looking for adventure. Although I took some years off I always wanted a project to convey art,education and the  environment and to be able to share it with like minded people who are looking for adventure just as I was when I first landed in this strange and wonderful country.Although beautiful This enchanted country is not without its environmental issues just like everywhere else,Thats why we Have created OCEAN HEAL to educate and inspire to give back for generations to come.So join me and lets explore and heal this wonderful country.


Please feel free to contact me personally on watts app or my personal email

001-310-579-5552 whats app or text

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